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Answers to many questions asked by our members

Frequently Asked Questions
November 28, 2023

How Do I book a Room?

To book a room you must first be logged into the portal. Click on the Book a Room. From the reserve a room screen, select the room you are interested…
Frequently Asked Questions
January 6, 2022

Welcome to the new Ecosystem

Overview At Atlanta Tech Park, we are always looking for ways to bring our entrepreneurial community together.  Now, with the addition of virtual members, it made sense to bring more…
Frequently Asked Questions
July 2, 2018

What’s a FOB?

Your FOB allows you access to the facility, conference rooms when reserved, printing and more!  When reserving a conference room, the intake form will ask for your FOB number at…
Frequently Asked Questions
April 18, 2018

Mailing Instructions

To use the postage machine, you must have mail service as part of your membership plan.  Want to add it?  Click here. Find your user account on the home screen.…
Frequently Asked Questions
April 18, 2018

How Do I Print?

Print from your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone!  As a member, you have an account set up that allows you to access our color printer/copier.   Prints are $0.05/b&w impression and…

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