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Frequently Asked Questions

Mailing Instructions

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To use the postage machine, you must have mail service as part of your membership plan.  Want to add it?  Click here.

    1. Find your user account on the home screen.
    2. Log in using the last 4 digits of your FOB.  Not sure where to locate your FOB number, click here.
    3. Choose whether you want to mail a letter or ship a package
    4. To send mail, select Run Mail. If you do not have a custom job, you can use the default job.  Select the account required link on the screen.
    5. Select the account associated with you/your company

    6. Enter the account password – the last 4 digits of your FOB

      You are now ready to print postage!

  1. To print shipping labels, select Print Shipping Labels from the main menu
  2. Choose your preferred shipping vendor
  3. Enter your ship from and ship to address from this screen by clicking on the down arrows for each.
  4. Select your return address.  If you do not see your address, be sure to select Add new address and not edit address.
  5. Select how you are sending the package
  6. Weight your package on the scale

  7. Select type of service – Next Day, 2-Day, etc.
  8. Select any additional items and click print to print shipping label.  Note: Your account will be charged the shipping fee and you will be billed monthly.

  9. Click your username in the upper left corner and select log out